“My fascination with eye-catching textures and prints and love for expressing my vibrant dynamic culture is projected through every piece made. Thank you for embracing my bursts of creativity.” – Aasiyah (Founder of AleroJasmine).

That quote really sums up what I’m creating with AleroJasmine. AleroJasmine is my middle name. Alero is the name given to first-born daughters of Itsekiri (a Nigerian ethnic group) families. It means that the foundation to blossom has been set. Jasmine is the befitting floral suffix. It’s common for fashion brands to be eponymous but I really think the name suits the brand, what it means to me and what I want it to mean to our customers! All of our materials ethically sourced and handmade by a curated group of underprivileged Lagosian artisans. This is an important aspect of the brand because I always want to create fair opportunities for those creating the pieces and further normalise ethical fashion.

“I’ve always loved markets. It excites me to discover new items, I love talking to craftspeople who have such a strong dedication to their brand and creations. It’s like Etsy come to life! Markets are a strong and authentic representation of the surrounding area or region so they’re a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture/s.”

“I got into market trading because the Alero Jasmine popups have always been so successful so when the opportunity with Tomorrows Market came along I felt like it would be a perfect opportunity to expand on that.”