What is Tomorrow’s Market?
Tomorrow’s Market is a programme that aims to nurture a new generation of market traders – people that are currently working from home, in pop-ups or online.

We will support early start-up traders to grow their businesses, to reach new customers and to work with experienced traders and business experts to take that next step to success. Market trading is low cost, no boss and high return – we’re giving at least 30 ambitious people the chance to turn their fortunes around and in doing so we will resurrect the community spirit of the market and foster a market renaissance.

Markets serve the basic needs of the community. Traditionally, there has been food, spices, clothing, electronics and household goods and then there are your specialist markets, e.g., those selling antiques, vintage, bric-a-brac where trade is focused on specific commodities, but markets rarely draw outside the lines or offer something new to the consumer. Tomorrow’s Market challenges rigid traditions that do not move with the times and provides a platform for presenting new services such as makeovers by nail technicians and hair and beauty professionals, counselling, fitness classes, health and well-being services, workshops, classes, sit down dining, tailoring, making, childcare, sculpting, labour, architectural and design support.

What will I learn through Tomorrow’s Market Programme?
Tomorrow’s Market will support you with all the tools and skills you will need to thrive in a market:
You will learn how to register your business, apply for the appropriate permits, get the right insurances cover, and licences.
We will provide business support assisting with branding, marketing, market behaviours, market segmentation, and get a host of resources for production, sourcing, networking and digital business solutions
You’ll get knowledge from those that have already made a success of trading within a market or through working for a small business
You can learn from and be supported by others in the Tomorrow’s Market Group, people in the same boat as you
You will be paired with market trade mentors providing in depth market trade knowledge to support the growth and development of your businesses.
You will get the experience of selling in 3 London markets, which fit your products and the type of consumers that you’d like to meet

What will I receive from Tomorrow’s Market?
• £500 bursary for the development of your business, £250 to start up and • £250 towards the end of your course
• Market trade mentoring from veteran market traders
• Business mentoring from people that understand how customers think and how you can make tweaks to generate more income
• Real life skills and training to support the growth of your business
• Business and trade support through the London Growth Hub
• Help to secure market stalls in markets such as Inverness Street, Church Street, Portabello, Lewisham or Walthamstow Markets
• Peer-to-peer support from like minded individuals with ambitions to grow their businesses

• Promotion through the Tomorrow’s Market site and associated partners media and promotional outlets.
• A chance to showcase your products / services at the 2019 London Market Conference

Who is involved?
Something & Son is an artist collective that uses art, design and architecture and developing ideas collectively to create work that is socially and environmentally driven. Something and will be responsible for your pastoral care, the programme’s day-to-day running and the personal effectiveness modules.
Create Jobs leads on recruitment. We also deliver the course’s core employability modules, supporting every trainee into work during and after the programme through 1-1s, workshops and inspire sessions. Through our Create Jobs programme we work closely with young Londoners and have expertise in creating experiential and employer-led employment courses.

Market support provided by: London’s Markets Board,
Design and business support provided by: Peckham Palms, 50m, Makerversity, Mission Kitchen, Create Jobs, Deutsche Bank and more.
Tomorrow’s Market is funded by the Great London Authority, Mayor Office of London, and London Growth Hub.

What would I be doing day-to-day?
You will be working collaboratively with a group of 5 of the 15 Tomorrow’s Market participants across three waves of market behaviors and business training, onsite training and weekly market trading placements. You will be based at in 1 of 3 host markets provided by the London’s Markets Board where you will be working collaboratively in your groups under the guidance of your assigned mentors in your host markets over the course of your 1 year supervised placement.

How many people will get guaranteed market stalls?
All participants will be guaranteed market stall posts in one of our 3 host markets. It will be your responsibility to maintain the upkeep of your market stall (eg all market stall fees, insurance, licensing and adherence to your host markets terms and conditions)

Can I apply if I don’t currently live in London?
No – this programme is specifically for people currently living in the London Metro. You’ll need to provide a proof of address at some point so please bear this in mind if you are moving to the area.

How do I know if I fit the bill?
There are a few requirements that you have to meet to be considered – please read through the eligibility section on the main opportunity page. Other than that, we are looking for creative problem solvers with a proven interest in trading in markets, a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and get stuck in.

I’m struggling to know what to put in the application, what should I do?
Don’t worry you will be assessed based on combination of your website, your written application and your 1 minute video. This 3 outlets are designed to level the playing field if you communicate better through visuals, writing or speaking you will have equal opportunity to sell yourself.

What do I need to do to get my stall up and running?
Basic things you will need are your products or equipment for the personal services you are providing, a table cover, chair and signage and any promotional material you may have. A list of what to bring on the day will be e-mailed out to you prior to the you taking up your stall.

Is there anything I can’t sell?
No counterfeit, stolen or substandard good can be sold. It is also an offence for traders to falsely describe goods and services.

I don’t have any pieces of relevant work to attach to my application?
The pieces of relevant work are only an optional addition to your application. They could be anything from some digital artwork you’ve made, a campaign you’ve worked on or even a nice presentation about something you’ve researched or are interested in. They should show digital design or creative problem-solving skills.
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