“I have always loved food and especially sandwiches, with some of my earliest memories of making triple-decked sandwiches with my brother. As I grew older I kept on cooking but also loved exploring markets and unusual places when at home or abroad, looking for new flavours and sensations. However it wasn’t until a trip to New York a few years back where I had my lightbulb moment – after tasting some of the freshest, tastiest bagels alongside simple but thrilling fillings, I realised on my way home that I wanted to bring proper bagels back with me to London. I started testing batches at home, and as the bagels got better so I wanted to share them with more and more people. Being able to bring those now to the people of London in some iconic street food markets is a fantastic and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I can’t wait to get involved with.”

About Unholy Bagel’s

Every Unholy bagel is handmade, boiled and baked in East London. Our bagels are New York-style, making them a lot bigger, a little chewier, and hopefully much tastier than your average London bagel. We serve those with a range of innovative and interesting fillings that we hope our customers will love. On top of that we recognise the powerful role that local community can play in creating a better world for future generations, so we seek ways to facilitate cooperation, trade and social community at a local level. Our vision is to become synonymous with the best NY-style bagels in London, and to create spaces that celebrate local craft and community, while also serving as a social hub and event organisation.