“I was drawn to market trading as it is an excellent platform to meet customers directly and build trust in your brand. You are able to receive feedback on products and can alter them to their preference increasing the productivity of your service. Overall, it is an opportunity to gain confidence in your brand, be part of a community with other traders and grow your business organically.”

About Kimba

Kimba is a young British label merging Fine Art with apparel that’s fair trade and organic, designed in London, made by a small fair trade cooperative in India and in-house at our London studio.

Kimba uses only certified fairtrade and organic textiles from southern India, as well as Limited Edition pieces hand-painted and designed in-house. The simple garments comprise of romantic nude contours, fluid shapes and animal prints paying homage to still life and renaissance beauty, made in mind for the creative artiste, yet environmentally aware and socially mindful individual.