I started Green Elephant 2 years ago after noticing there was a huge lack of healthy alternative foods in the area I lived and grew up in. Not only were the vegan alternatives expensive they seemed to be geared to people of a different background. As a working class person of colour, I didn’t see myself or people who look like me reflected in the vegan community, especially not in the lower income areas of London. That is when I decided to create my own business, believing that healthy and vegan alternatives should be available to all. Being a natural cook and the family head chef from a young age it wasn’t too difficult to come up with menu ideas or to cook food people would enjoy. The difficulty came when I realised how much money I would need to start. Being a born and bred Londoner, like most children I was dragged around markets every weekend, From Ridley Road to Brixton. Still, as an adult, I have always spent time doing my shopping on markets, or even just to see what stalls are around. The fresh air, the patter of traders, the haggling of customers and laughter, there was no question for me whether or not to become a market trader, so when the opportunity of trading in my local borough came around I jumped at the chance. Being on the market in the community is where I thrived; it feels like I am cooking for an extended family. It is who I am.

Green Elephant, cakes, bakes and catering is a community social enterprise, selling homemade, handmade vegan baked goods. At Green Elephant we offer nutritious locally sourced food whilst not compromising on taste, creating delicious food for vegans and non-vegans alike. Our menu is motivated by Black Britain using flavours inspired by India and the Caribbean. You can pick up a spicy chickpea or curried jackfruit puff pastry bake. And treat yourself to a slice of traditional Victoria sponge to enjoy after with a glass of sugar-free lemonade. We are an environmentally aware and health conscious organisation, and our ethos is that nutritious food should be available and affordable for all! We have started this by opening market stalls in lower income areas of London. Another one of our social aims is to increase access to employment in these communities, to help achieve this we offer work experience to young people who are not in work or education. By buying from us you are supporting these aims and helping us to continue our great work.