“I am a Nigerian-born culinary entrepreneur with a never-ending love for food, travel, writing and cooking. I created The Vegan Nigerian shortly after going vegan myself in 2013. The platform was my way of showcasing beautiful Nigerian-inspired dishes that are both healthy and vibrant. What began as a personal blog has now grown into an online community and a business encompassing supper clubs, events and cooking workshops. After working as a professional chef in London kitchens, and then in the publishing world for a few years, I decided to place my full attention on developing my food brand. The idea for a plantain bar specifically came shortly after I published a cookbook centred around this ingredient. My hope is to share these unique and innovative recipes with the people of London by having a physical presence in well-known markets.”

The Vegan Nigerian ‘plantain bar’ is a one-stop stall to discover the delicious taste and versatility of plant-based plantain snacks and dishes. For those who want to learn more about this wonderful ingredient, they will have the opportunity to purchase my accompanying Plantain Cookbook. The cookbook demystifies the various ways you can cook with and present plantain, so customers not only get the opportunity to taste these exciting recipes first-hand, but are also able to recreate them in the comfort of their own homes.